Does Penis Size Really Matter To Women?

Does size really matter? The age-old argument about penis size is a sexual myth or perhaps a moral tale, depending upon who tells it. It is a debate not just between the genders, but about what constitutes sexuality and activities related to the pleasuring of men or women. So, to do justice to the subject, both arguments must be examined with a cum in your face value of opinions.

Which is better? A big penis or a small penis? And why? Here is what the conjecture says about penis size and sexuality.

Big cocks are the stuff of legend, the larger the penis and assuming to have larger balls, the more thrust is a man capable of giving to their sexual activities. Humping and thumping the body is very much irrelevant, if a man’s cock size is unable to penetrate a woman effectively. Also, the thickness or girth of the penis maybe an issue of necessary expansion. Any woman will tell you about her exploits as she is stretched and penetrated to the limits of her hot wet pussy. Her breath becomes over active and her orgasms are assumed to be so very numerous, that she can barely stop from spasms as her body goes into ecstatic convulsions. But the reality is, even a very larger than average cock is probably only 8 to 9 inches. Men that are 10 inches or beyond are not as common statistically, especially because most men only reach such lengths when harder than normal. Often with the assistance of supplements or sexual enhancement drugs.

Small cocks are the stuff of private discussion. Smaller men are often just average in size, but their belief in being small is stimulated by the societal norms of gender today. Average penis length when hard for a large majority of males is about 5 to 7 inches. This is usually with the cock being about the size of a quarter to a half dollar US coin in circumference. Although not as gigantic, the smaller but harder cock is more likely to have long running stamina. This is the concerto of the small penis for such men, it allows them to do more with it sexual to please their partner, instead of just jack hammering her into submission. If a woman is sufficiently wet and lubricated it can keep reigniting the sexual heat within the member and let a smaller man keep churning fresh hot blood into his hard on for hours, sometimes even longer without anything but natural stimulation.

The end results are meant to be orgasmic but this has less to do with the male penis size, rather than the depth of the girl and her unique vaginal canal. Fucking her hard is the key to getting her excited and going down on her should help to keep her lubed up for the good fight. But does penis size matter to most women? Some say yes, some say no. Most will tell you, if you get her off good, she will let you finish yourself off anywhere in anyway, no matter what size your cock is. Big or small, penis size only matters greatly for the man who has absolutely no other redeeming qualities sexually.

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